Saturday, 19 April 2014


Another cool, sunny morning here in Essex although I gather it is due to cloud over later and tomorrow could be pretty wet.  It would be good to have some rain - the beds are dry and need a good soaking.

I now have wiring along my fence.  Proper wiring (thanks, Dad) so I can train my tayberry first one way and then the other.  Maybe, in couple of year I will be getting a decent crop.  The biggie now is that it's in a pot so unlikely to do all that well as there's insufficient root room.  It would be great if one of the patio slabs could be lifted and the plant could go in there.  I need to think about that one - I certainly cannot do it myself.

I'm now planning where I want my little vegetable plants to go (when I've got them, of course).  I *think* that I shall try some french beans in a pot after reading that you can do that and they're fine.  Ages ago I tried runners in a pot and they were a dismal failure as they need lots of root space, but it seems French beans do not.

I'm going to do the runner beans as last year, training them over a couple of arches.  They looked so good last year and cropped very well in my fairly sheltered little patch.  The main problem was that some failed to germinate so this year I'm starting them in paper pots and taking it from there.

The tomatoes will go in the growhouse or along the house wall where it is warm and sunny.  I seem to have rather a lot of tomato plants of various kinds so it should be interesting.

I'm doing carrots again but not radishes.  I have some celeriac seeds (a freebie) so I might have a little go with them.  After all, I can't lose, can I?  And the cut and come again salad leaves will go in the same little planter as last year.

For a very little garden with minimal growing space, I will be thrilled if I achieve all this!  Fingers crossed.


Diane Epps said...

You make me feel guilty with all your gardening
I should be doing things but haven't seemed to get enthusiastic about it this year.

joanygee said...

With your runner beans have you tried growing white flowering with orange flowering ones? That's what we do, it's supposed to improve yield. Jx

Joy said...

Diane, you have had more than enough to cope with already this year without worrying about the garden, don't you think. Go with the flow and a year's rest won;t do the soil any harm at all. :-)

Joan, I'd not heard of that, I did think about mixing my varieties this year, for interest, so I might just look out for some white flowering varieties. That means a trek back to Wyvale, oh dear, what a hardship! :-) Actually, I have to go anyway to look for some dwarf green bean seeds.

J x

joanygee said...

Hope it works for you as it does here. We are several weeks behind you being much further North. Waiting until after Easter to visit the garden centres when all will be quieter. Jx

Joy said...

Thanks, Joan. Maybe I am a bit 'before myself', I don't know. It's been quite sunny here but today is damp and misterable. I think I will need to set up my tomato growhouse soon because the grafted tomatoes are growing very quickly!
One can but try! Good luck with your harvest.
J x

Sonja said...

This all sounds very exciting and promising, too. Hope the seeds will come up trumps and that you will be able to enjoy lots of lovely, home-grown fresh vegetables - I shall never forget your tomatoes from last year - delicious and so many, too! :o)
S. xxx

Joy said...

Thanks, Sonja. I'm hoping it will all work out well too! I wish it would warm up a bit though. The soil is still very cold.
J x