Sunday, 6 April 2014


Good morning.  Second day in and the euphoria is still floating around like a white, fluffy cloud!  It's been raining overnight but I don't care - I don't have to worry about wet playtimes, cancelled PE lessons and rows of damp shoes and socks after naughty littlies have been jumping in puddles.

After shopping yesterday, while A was away at her meeting, I made a couple of loaves of soda bread and some banana bread; both were highly delicious!
Apart from that I did very little.  Just right for the start of a holiday, don't you think?  Even dinner was very simple.  I wrapped some salmon in foil after dotting it about with shavings of butter and put it in a steaming pan over the new potatoes that were boiling away.  With a simple salad it made an easy and delicious dinner and there are plenty of potatoes left for a potato salad today.

So today I'm not sure about breakfast, it depends when A wakes, but dinner will be jacket potatoes with a variety of toppings (cheese, tuna and mayo, bacon and mushroom) with a salad on the side, followed by apple crumble and custard (made by Thermione).  I'm not sure about tea, we will see how we feel but I think it will be egg based as I have rather a lot!

But now I need to sort out the kitchen as I left it in an almighty mess yesterday.  Then I can get everything prepared for lunch so that there's not a lot to do when Beth and Al arrive.  And - NO PLANNING - because it's not needed but also because it's already done, yay.


Diane Epps said...

Have a great day pottering in the kitchen and enjoy eating the results

Joy said...

You very much understand the pleasure, don't you? Some people think I am bonkers!! :-)
J x

Sue Stelfox said...

Not bonkers but, as a kitchen phobic, I'm a tiny bit jealous. Enjoy your Easter break, Joy!


Joy said...

Thanks, Sue. It's been good so far!
J x