Monday, 7 October 2013


After sleeping really well on Saturday night, I had another restless night last night and some most peculiar dreams, one of which was that my teeth were crumbling and bits kept falling off.  It was a relief to wake and realise that they are still as firm as ever they were!

Last weekend I went to Hyde Hall but have only just got round to uploading the photos.  I will give you all some relief from my usual ramblings and post some of the photos instead.


Annabeth said...

Lovely pictures, love the pumpkin and that squirrel is definitely giving you the eye!

Katy Board said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures, Joy :)

I've had the tooth dream myself - no doubt there's somebody out there who could tell us what it's supposed to mean! Lol

Joy said...

I've never had a tooth dream before, it was really so weird! No pain, just teeth falling apart minute by minute. I wonder what it means. Google says it's a 'call to look at what is falling apart in your life and needs some attention'. So there you go, now we know, don't we? Just one problem there . . .

Annabeth, they had a wonderful pumpkin patch and come up for hallowe'en they have a pumpkin carving day for the kids - big and little. And that squirrel was most obliging and hung around long enough for me to get a couple of good shots as well as the many rubbish ones! :-)
J x

Annabeth said...

I remember my first recurring nightmare as a small child, my teddy's eyes kept falling out... still no idea where that one came from.

Joy said...

Poor teddy! Not a nice thing to dream about at all.
J x

Sonja said...

Stunning photos, Joy - love the squirrel one!
Yes, I have had that dream about teeth crumbling and falling out a number of times, horrible one is that but, as you say, such a relief when one wakes up and finds it hasn't happened! In my case, it's directly linked to dental problems, so I tend to take that dream at face value, if you see what I mean. :o)
So sorry to hear you are feeling so under the weather and with such a busy time at school!
Take great care and get well soon!