Friday, 11 October 2013


There's a disadvantage about having a cleaner and that is that one feels in duty bound to leave the place reasonably (or do I mean relatively - yes, maybe I do) tidy for her.  I started writing this on Thursday evening, looking ruefully around my living space and wincing as I do so.  Ah well, she's going to have to get used to messy, manky me!

It started cold yesterday and it continued cold.  I was on playground duty in the afternoon and brrrr . . . even the children made comments.  It didn't help that I had left my coat at home, I suppose, nor that I have a cold (surprise!!!!) so was a bit shivery and achey!  Never mind, I survived!  At the moment it's raining and still a bit windy so I guess the Indian Summer is now over and winter is knocking on the door.  People tell me it is going to get very cold in the next few days.  Ah, well . . .

It was nice to have my class back although they were all over the place for a while until I got a bit stern.  The wind didn't help, of course. I was glad we had dance after morning play: the exercise was needed and they did some extremely good work.

I'd better go and get on with tidying stuff up now.  Needs must and all that!  I wish I was a neater person.


Sonja said...

So glad to hear that your cleaner is coming today - please don't worry about the untidiness, the cleaner can clean around it and I am sure she is perfectly happy to do that. The idea of her coming is to make less work for you, not more! :o) Hope you have a good day, take great care and get well soon!

Diane Epps said...

I know just what you mean about the cleaner but it is good to have a bit of a tidy in anticipation. We all make a bit of an effort to tidy our respective messes the night before the cleaner comes even if it is just picking stuff up off the floor so she can hoover easily.
Take care of your cold and make sure you are getting enough sleep!!!!

Joy said...

I think it will be stuff off the floor - and the kitchen does look a lot better now. She's going to have to learn me, I guess. Just clean will be fantastic, tidy I can do later! :-)
J x

joanygee said...

The expression 'high as kites' fits when windy weather has its effect. Guess most do not realise how much impact the weather has in the classroom. Jx

Joy said...

It really does, Joan, it makes them hyper!
J x