Tuesday, 12 February 2013


The snow carried on yesterday well into the morning after starting again at around eight.  It wasn't very nice though - small, damp flakes that were continually threatening to become rain but didn't quite seem to have the courage.  Playtime on the field seemed to be great fun (I very sensibly stayed inside) but the children's efforts turned the surface slushy and the field was muddy underneath.  By lunch time the bottom playground was cleared (thanks, Steve) and the field was out of bounds.

I had a pleasant surprise yesterday evening.  I was working away at school, marking, evaluating and generally doing what needed doing   At about 5:40 I thought I'd just catch up with Facebook before leaving for home and it's just as well I did because there was a message from Julie saying she's pick me up at around 5:50.
Pick me up?????
And then I remembered - we were going out, me, Linda and Julie, for a meal at the Hare.

Oh, dear!  I dropped everything and ran and managed to get home before she arrived, managed to change my tights which had started to disintegrate and tidied myself up a little bit.  I felt a scruff all the same but serves me right.

So we drove along to the Hare, only to find it closed for 'essential electrical work'.  After a bit of consultation we drove back towards town and stopped off at the Horse and Groom.  It was OK, it was wheelchair friendly in parts, the food was quite good but, oh my!, it was so cold . . .  It was almost as if they hadn't turned the heating on at all.  I know there weren't many people there but even so . . .   We might go back there come the summer, when cold won't be an issue (I hope), but we are looking forward to our usual eating experience at the Hare next time.

After that I was very tired and went to bed fairly soon after getting home.

Linda and Julie were asking me about the Christmas Throw and I realised I hadn't posted a picture of the finished article.  Here is it.  The colours on the photo are not great - it's brighter and less 'orangy' than it looks here and I'm pleased with it!


Dianeuk said...

The rug looks wonderful is it in double knitting? Mine is in 4ply and is taking forever as it is a very close weave. It is more like a carpet than a blanket!!!

Joy said...

Thanks, Diane. Yes, it is double knitting. It's a throw rather than a rug. Yours will be lovely and warm when it is finished, won't it, whereas I think mine will be warmer under another throw so it acts like a cellular blanket.
J x

joanygee said...

Well done! What a lovely 'Afghan'. Have you looked on the Lion Brand site; lots of free patterns and ideas. Jx

Joy said...

I'll take a look, thanks, Joan.
J x

Sarah said...

That looks amazing!!!! After hearing about you making, good to see finished article :)