Saturday, 7 June 2014

Garden update

Tomorrow's dessert

And these . . .

The redlove apples may come to nothing in the end but at the moment they are most attractive

I'm amazed this passion flower is surviving - it's been in a tiny pot for over a year before I got round to planting it in one of the beds recently!  Bad me.  It's sending up new growth so I guess it has forgiven me.

This shouldn't really be here amongst the herbs but it is attractive . . .

 . . . as are the three types of mint which don't get even one sniff of the herb bed!

Those poor dwarf beans.  A week ago there were four along the top and four along the bottom, all shooting up nicely.  Blooming whatever it was!

Can't remember what this is - any ideas?  I bought it last year and it didn't do all that well but it's doing very well this year.

Pink and pretty

I planted some cerinthe seeds and they're coming up, yay!  A perennial so fingers crossed!

Tomatoes that will have to take their chance in grow bag pots outside, blight warnings notwithstanding.  I do need to get my act together!

It's a small garden, it's not even a particularly good garden in the gardener's sense of the word but it's becoming more productive and will be more so when the corn and the leeks are planted out.  It's fairly problem free and not too difficult to look after.  It suits me anyway!  I doubt that, if I were to have it landscaped again (which I won't), it would be much different except for another bed to the right of the shed and at the time that wasn't really appropriate because I needed that space for the climbing frame when Alex was little.  Perhaps one day I will have some slabs lifted - I suppose I could - I must ponder on that!  What do you think, Beth?


Beth said...

You could, but it would affect the symmetry of the beds and I like that. Besides which it makes a good seating area. Now the trees are gone though, perhaps more pots?

Joy said...

True . . . < thinks >
J x

Diane Epps said...

The more earth you have the more weeding and work you will make for yourself. Pots sound like a good idea.

Joy said...

Pots need a lot more watering though, especially if it's water thirsty plants.
J x

Beth said...

Oh, andf I gave you a pink gerbera last year so am assuming it is that xx

Joy said...

Of course you did and yes, it must be! Thanks.
J x

Sam Lucas said...

Oh gosh! Those strawberries look delicious. The flowers are so lovely as well. You really have a great green thumb. The garden is looking nice. I think with more plants in full bloom, it'll look even more amazing. I like the general hardscaping as well. Thanks for sharing!

Sam Lucas @ Green Collar