Sunday, 8 December 2013


As expected, yesterday was a very idle day although I did get lots of ironing done and I made some mince pies and boiled up a small piece of gammon.

That was about it really - no energy so not a lot done.  I do have to get cracking on sorting out the stuff for the finished room though.  I have a fortnight to get it all done!

Today Beth is coming round for lunch - jacket potatoes and cheese!


Annabeth said...

Delighted to hear the performance at Westminster went well, congratulations!

Best wishes for the future Joy(ful) Infant Chritsmas show, go on, a brilliant idea!!


Joy said...

:-) You never know, maybe I will.
J x

Diane Epps said...

Many congratulations on your performance you must be bursting with pride I know I would be.

Joy said...

Thanks. I was chuffed. I don't actually remember all that much about it, I was so scared!!!
J x