Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Very early on Tuesday

It was a very hot night and I've been up since before 4. Of course, now I'm getting very tired and could easily have a good kip! That's life.

Yesterday brought some really great news. Dear grandson, who attends a special school and is autistic, got a high level 5 for his key stage 2 maths SATs. Bearing in mind he's not been taught anywhere near that level in school, it must be his own innate mathematical ability, so we're very. very proud of him. I believe he's the only pupil that the school has ever entered for the KS2 SATs.

English and Science haven't come back yet and won't be as high - the English, certainly, will be a lot lower, but what an achievement, eh?

Yesterday after school, we (key stage 1 and foundation stage teachers) had our annual 'order stock for next year' meeting. Now I have to write up all the order forms - sigh!! That should keep me out of trouble for a while.

Sunday, 28 June 2009


. . . and I'm taking it very easy. It was quite misty, almost foggy, earlier and although that has now cleared, it remains cool and cloudy, quite a relief after yesterday. I did wonder if I'd caught the sun on my arms yesterday, but no, thank goodness. A friend , who went to the coast in the week, got thoroughly burned without realising it, as there was a fresh breeze blowing, and has been most uncomfortable since.

I'll go out into the garden later on and do some much overdue tidying up. The hanging baskets are still sitting on pots rather than where they should be and I want to get them up on the hooks or their impact will be wasted somewhat.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

It ain' 'arf 'ot, mum!

. . . but great weather for our June Fair. I was in charge of the 'Throwing a ping pong ball into a jar' competition. Not as easy as it sounded! The school field was heaving with people so we ought to have made loadsa dosh for the school.

Just to slightly digress - we're so lucky with our parents' association. They work jolly hard and raise significantly large amounts of money to benefit the school in various ways. A lot of our swimming pool was due to their hard work raising the necessary money to qualify us for other finding, the electric blinds in the hall skylight windows were largely funded by them (and very expensive they were too), not to mention books, ICT equipment and the like. I doubt any of them are reading, but if any of my readers are supporters of a school parents' association - you are wonderful people and I hope the school very much appreciates the work you do.

Back to me! There are two big things I have to 'do' as new KS1 co-ordinator. One is Sports Day and I think I'm on top of that now. The other is the big stock order that we're going to do on Monday. I spent a couple of hours this morning getting my head around it and I think I now understand the process, thank goodness.

It was nice to be able to put work problems aside for a while. It's still there, niggling in the background, but not forcing its way to the front of my mind at the moment, thank goodness. I slept well last night and I'm sure I will do the same tonight as well. Being tired can be a disaster when things 'hit' and as next week is likely to be 'trying' I'm glad I'm catching up a bit. It's all aided by a couple of bottle of Old Speckled Hen which I really like. This is really a legacy from my ex and late who loved the stuff and introduced me to it decades ago!


Photo: Indie in the process of cleaning her naughty bits.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Friday yet again.

Only this one and three more before the end of the school year! Counting? Moi???
PPA, maths, Golden Time and not sure what else. I can't have gymnastics, because the juniors want the hall for a show practice. I'll have to use my imagination!

Back last Christmas, the juniors decided not to do a Christmas show, but have a summer show instead. I think they might be somewhat regretting their decision now!

Hope today goes better than yesterday!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

A puzzle solved!

You may remember that last Friday my PPA cover gave the children the wrong spelling test and I wondered why they didn't say they hadn't learnt the words.
Well, the reason is . . .
'but we aren't allowed to speak in a test, Mrs Clark..'

Later on

However, all the KS2 SATs marks are back and they are good - very good, considering the year - actually very good without considering the year at all. Good, full stop! We're getting something right.

Oh - and we got paid today. That's always a Good Thing, especially with the last instalment of a holiday to pay!

Not a silver lining but a bit of shine among the darkness.

Sometimes life stinks

I can't go into any details because of confidentiality, but I wish today had never happened. Life can really smell rotten sometimes and I'm just gutted that things have worked out as they have, it was right, it was proper, but it's just - horrible!



Ooops - I seem to have missed two days. Things have been very hectic down here. Tuesday evening I went to bed incredibly early and slept soundly through and last night I was out with colleagues who live locally. We wnt to the local pub for a meal and a good natter and had a super time. Of course, I'm shattered now, but it was worth it!
Life plods on! Yesterday we were finishing entering all the levels into Tracker. Such a boring task! And we have the curriculum wheels to highlight. A long time ago we decided tick-listing was a total and utter waste of time. After all, for example, who really cares if a child is level 2 or level 3 in RE and does it matter two hoots anyway? So what did we do a couple of years ago but start highlighting a curriculum wheel instead. Tick-listing in another guise , that's all it is, and what an utter waste of time, effort and money!!
At the end of school the writing SATs were returned. However, as the head and deputy were both absent, they can't be opened. Frustrating for the teachers concerned.

And today? Well, the usual. Phonics, maths (number bonds), ICT in the computer suite and then games in the afternoon. Hopefully, a nice day!

Oh - and more curriculum wheel highlighting (yawn)!

Monday, 22 June 2009

The start of another week.

And at school we start off with spelling test. The one they should have done on Friday! My PPA cover teacher accidentally picked up the wrong sheet and gave them the test that the top spelling group was doing and, would you believe, not one child out of all 31 of them actually thought to tell her that they weren't the spellings they had been learning! I dunno!!! Kids!

And then it's into the usual routine. The days are flashing past so quickly now, it will be the end of the week before I know it and another weekend.

Photo: What do you think? ;0)

Sunday, 21 June 2009

nearly 15:00 hrs

And downstairs is looking a little reasonable now - also I have some clothes to wear tomorrow. Upstairs will just have to wait. At least I won't be utterly embarrassed if anyone turns up, just marginally, and I'm used to that!

I have another definition of 'friend' now. Someone who trusts you enough to let you house sit while she's away - especially when they live in a nice tourist-y part of the country. I haven't been down to the South-West since my two were quite young, so I'm very much looking forward to it. OK, it means an early morning drive the day after we break up, around the M25 and out west, so I'll be shattered when I get there and will need to save the celebratory alcohol until the next evening, but then I can really rest. Gorgeous!!

It's not completely definite yet so might not happen, but if it does it will be super.

Note to self: Google West Country National Trust. No point paying if you don't need to!

Photo: Kitty saying Pray,*what* do you think you're doing?'


A good night's sleep and yet I still feel exhausted. End-of-year-itis, I suppose. Four weeks to go! Twenty working days. That's all!

Today is housework. It HAS to be. The mess is really getting me down. Housework and sleep.

Photo: Indigo.

Saturday, 20 June 2009


I've had a very tired, very lazy day today - and that applies to this blog as well.

I'll be back! :0)

Here's another kitty photo!

Friday, 19 June 2009

The weekend starts here . . .!

. . . with a most embarrassing moment. OK, so I've been very busy over the last few weeks and regular readers of my journal may have picked up that I'm none to keen on boring old housework at the best of times (sorry, Mum), but the place is a right mess, even by my standards, at the moment. So when there was a rat-a-tat-tat at the front door (the bell doesn't work) I nearly ignored it. That would have been a real shame because it was someone who I count as one of my very best friends, even though I haven't seen her for quite a while. She saw me through the distresses of my divorce when we first met (I remember turning up on her doorstep in floods of tears on more than one occasion), I taught her daughter to play the recorder to a reasonably good standard when she was at 'my' primary school, and generally we have seen each other through thick and thin until the recent business of life got in the way. I was mortified about the state of the place, but it was so lovely to see her again that it didn't crush me as much as it really ought to have done.

And no - I don't intend to do housework this weekend, I intend to rest and recuperate. I am utterly exhausted and fit for the scrapheap, to quote dearest grandson.

And yes - I'm going round hers next Friday after school! Bless you, Louise, I'm so glad you came round (despite the temporary red face). Here's to many good times together.

School - well, nice day. We got next week's planning done to our satisfaction (so that's the weekend freed up), the children were much more settled than they have been recently and - and - I DIDN'T GET OBSERVED IN MATHS!!! YAYAYAYAY . . . made my day, that did!

We're a sociable lot at our school. One nice thing is that every now and again the TAs organise an evening at the local pub - a main meal that costs about a fiver and a fiver in the kitty for drinks. Those of us who are local usually turn up and as we walk it's a very convivial time all round. And the next one is next Wednesday. I'm looking forward to it.

Photo: The kitties have gone to their long term home so I took last photos of them yesterday. Here's one of them . . .

End of the week!

Friday again. PPA for two hours this morning, then maths, then Golden Time and gymnastics. I rather like Fridays!

Well, usually I rather like Fridays, but today the maths co-ordinator is on the prowl and might come in to watch my lesson.

I don't know what it is about being observed that I don't like. I'm a pretty experienced teacher, not far off possible retirement age, I teach in an open play environment where anyone passing can see what I'm doing, I've never had a 'bad' observation, the planning is all it needs to be, I've survived four OFSTEDs with very positive comments each time - but still I have wibbles and bad dreams the night before I'm likely to be observed. I guess that underneath it all I'm just not a very confident person - never have been and probably never will be. That's me and my life.

As I've said before, I have a pretty awkward class this year in some ways. They don't all pull together, they don't work as a team, group activities can be a nightmare and so on. So I was dreading yesterday's literacy which was all group interaction, planning and making together, working as a team. I thought very carefully about my groupings and decided to bung the most awkward ones together in one group so that the other groups could have a clear run. And, blow me, if it didn't work a treat. I had to keep a close watch on that one group, but they seemed to keep each other down quite well and managed to work together for some of the time - very pleasing!

Photo: Potential carrots! Quite a nice little weed too!

Thursday, 18 June 2009


Yesterday went . . . that's probably the best that can be said!
Was most dismayed at staff meeting. There was a discussion about using test results to level. It turns out that some children have achieved test levels that are way higher than their all round classroom performance, ridiculously high, in fact. We've found similar in Y1 - some of the NFER Progress in Maths levels are just stoopid. OK, so yes, we can acknowledge this and start acting on the premise that teacher assessment is the Best Way To Go! However, what caused some consternation is that we all have to look again at the levels we have put on our reports (Just When We Thought It Was All Over) and make sure they are teacher assessment levels, not test result levels. It makes a whole lorra sense really and in KS1 that's more or less what we do anyway, but it was not Good News for my KS2 colleagues.
I've changed a few of my reports and printed out the new pages. The head will bring my folder back into school tomorrow so I can substitute. I feel for those who have to do more or less the whole lot though. The look of weary dismay on some faces last night was painful to observe.
And the maths co-ordinator is on the prowl today and tomorrow. Roll on the weekend.
Photo: Some rather pretty cosmos in the garden.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


No Ava so the French window is wide open and the wonderfully new morning air is flooding in! And I am noticing stuff again - such as my patio needs another de-weed. Remember I posted a photo of my fledgling training tomatoes in a hanging basket a several weeks ago? Well, here they are today with loadsa flowers and a few tiny baby fruits. Looks like I will be picking my salad tomatoes and eating them straight off, still warm from the sun. Wonderful!

The carrots in a container seem to be doing OK too: I MUST remember to sow some more this weekend.

Today is not wildly exciting but, hopefully, it will be fun. Lots of people are visiting to talk to the children about the job that they do in school and then we're making a Big Book!

Shame about staff meeting after school but one can't have everything. ;0)

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

It's Tuesday.

The humidity has lessened and the sun is shining. I can open my back door fully again (which I have done) and the day's work is thoroughly planned and ready. Can life hold more?

I got a bit of a shock when I came home yesterday evening. Called out for Ava-puss to get no response. Then I noticed that her litter box and food dishes had gone and realise DD had taken her home a day early (mutter, mutter). Still, there are compensations. It may have been pouring with rain but the back door was opened wide for a while.

SEN day today - yay!!

Monday, 15 June 2009

Life can start again

. . . now that the reports are done. It's ridiculous, the way they take up such a huge amount of my life just when the weather picks up and the garden calls out. Thinking about the, preparing the template, working out what to put in (generically and specifically), reading through all the assessments, working out how to say the less palatable bits so it doesn't sound too negative but still says it how it is, losing sleep over them . . . and that's not counting the time taken actually getting them written, proof read, etc.
And then poor Susannah has to read every single one and put an at-least-semi-intelligent remark at the bottom. Given that there are nearly 400 children in the school, small wonder she's asking for finished ones to be handed in early! I will give her mine with an air of supreme self righteousness (or maybe not).

A special cheer for DD - who read each report carefully with pink highlighter aloft, ready to slash through the errors. What a star!! I love you to bits, thanks so much!

So moving on - this week it's 'jobs that people do in the school' with lots of significant and Very Important People coming to talk to the children, such as the ground manager, a dinner lady, the head, the bursar, the Most Important Person In The School (that's K on the front desk, who manages us all with supreme skill). Should be lots of fun!

And that reminds me - I have some number challenge sheets to make. See you later!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Long and winding road . . . sigh

The pizza was a bit too anticipatory, but it was nice anyway. Four more to go. See you later!

About midday:
Also printed out and ready for proof reading. What a relief!!

All proof read, done and definitely dusted, ready to hand in tomorrow. Oh, the relief, the sense of sheer and utter relief. . .
Shame there's no alcohol with which to celebrate, but not with school tomorrow!

One more job crossed off the list.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

I will be quiet today.

Reports. Say no more.
I may be gone some time . . .

Getting there. Have just ordered celebratory pizza in expectation

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Tact and diplomacy and self-improvement

I'm on to the personal statements of the r*p*rts now. So how do you say, politely, 'your child is a right toe-rag and if I never see him/her again it will be too soon' or 'I advise you to buy the chastity belt/whatever and get him/her used to it - your little dear is a total and utter flirt'?
Well - you don't, do you, but thinking carefully about what to put scares me no end. I can read the future and for some it's not good unless there's a total change around - and it's not good news for parents either: Their little five and six year olds will be teenagers before they know it and trouble looms!! And can I say it without causing offence and in the six lines I have available? No, of course I can't!

I got them to write their own bit for the report today. Three sentences:
This year I have got better at . . .
Next year I would like to get better at . . .
The thing I have enjoyed most about this year is . . .
I think that the requirement to set targets all the time and point out what they need to do to improve can be very undermining for little children. My most able lad who is actually not far off brilliant in some ways, but so modest and delightful - he said he wanted to get better at literacy because he wasn't very good at it!!! My goodness, if he isn't very good, I wonder where that leaves the rest of us!
So I will need to write
'Next year I would like to get better at making my children feel better about themselves and their achievements.'

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Today ought to be quite ordinary. Lessons, staff meeting (yuck) - that's about it. Nice and quiet with nothing too dramatic, one hopes!!
So - short, boring blog! have a good day, everyone.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Well, here we are again . . .

. . . at the end of another day and this time there's no disasters and traumas to report. My appointment with the GP went well: the blood pressure is much lower, almost satisfactory and she was well pleased with me. The rest of the day was OK too - paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, but some got completed . . . so no complaints.
And Ava came to say hello to me when I got home this evening. Major triumph!!!
On the negative side, four (yes, FOUR) of my class got their names in the 'naughty' file. Oops!

Catch up news.

Regular readers of my blog will be glad to know that yesterday's V I M, postponed on Friday, went ahead and was very helpful indeed. That's one to cross off the list now.

The NFER maths test also went ahead and the results were very pleasing indeed - we (Liz and I) were chuffed with most of them. No-one has failed to make 'measurable progress' this year, most have exceeded their personal target, many have achived higher than the expected level and my Practical Little Boy has got into level 1 at last!! YAY!!!!

Little J was back with a head like Frankenstein's monster (seven stitches) and so full of himself he was a right pain. I can see that some squashing may be in order today to get him back to normal size again. Fortunately, most of the others do NOT think he did a terribly 'good' thing and are not inclined to hero worship.

And Ava's still not talking to me much!

Today is Tuesday again so it's back to SEN for the day - clearing the paperwork for yesterday's V I M, which has suddenly become not at all complicated and then getting on with the stuff for another child! Never ending . . .

Photo: stones and roots.

Monday, 8 June 2009

It's Monday and my brain aches!

Too much work over the weekend, I reckon. At my age I ought to be sitting with feet up, chilling out, not writing those perishing r*p*rts. Got a lot done but there's still loads more to do!
Today is delightful (not). A NFER Maths Progress test, preparation for some unaided writing and the postponed V I M in the afternoon - and it could be wet playtime. What a wonderful life!!!

Have a great day!

Sunday, 7 June 2009


Stoopid cat! She got into the kitchen, got behind the units and wouldn't come out for ages. I suppose, with hindsight, if she'd got stuck, she'd have yowled, but I was a bit worried and phoned DD (who must have thought I was a right idiot) asking what I should do! She's an indoor cat and I don't think she could have got out - the only holes in the wall are a ventilation brick and the tumble dryer vent, which, of course, is covered by the ventilation hose, but I didn't totally know.

And then out strolls madam and has refused to talk to me ever since . . . I suppose that's fair enough. She's been taken away from her man just when she feels like a bit of how's your whotnot, she's been dumped in a not-cat-friendly house, her sister and nieces aren't here, her mum forgot to bring over any toys and I think she's realising that this is for the longer term (OK, about a week). I suppose she's entitled to sulk and I guess it was a distraction from the perishing reports!!

Anyway, she won't get behind the units again, as the photo shows! Very rough and ready but it blocks the gap!

So boring

I find writing school reports so very tedious and I wonder whether the time they take (well over an hour on each one) is really time well spent. When I look back to my reports, all they contained was a very brief comment, such as 'fair', 'good;', very good' with an occasional added remark such as 'has worked hard this year' (very occasionally) or (more likely) 'could work harder'.

But this necessity to write several lines of comment on each curriculum subject - what's the point? What good does it do? Are the parents really that interested in whether their Little Dear can sing in tune or handles the percussion instruments efficiently? Surely they already know that LD can cut out well now! Yes, more detailed comments on mathematical development and literacy are helpful, but most of the rest?

And I bet that the huge majority of reports get read maybe half a dozen times and then filed away in a drawer or folder, never to see the light of day again. Good use of time? I say NO!

End of rant . . .
Photo: Ava has settled well under my PC table!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Friday, 5 June 2009

Wonder of wonders

I, the world's greatest non-pet person, have adopted a cat for the week! For very good reasons, one of DDs cats, Ava by name, is taking up residence with me for a short time. I honestly never thought I'd see the day . . . and I'm sure my American brother will have a good laugh at the thought!

On a rather more serious note, it turns out that little J needed seven stitches in his head, but is OK, just sore and bruised apart from that. After some pretty rigorous questioning of all who said that they actually saw what happened, definitely saw it, not heard about it from some one else, it transpires that he was doing something that has been strictly forbidden and got his come-uppance. I bet he won't stand on the monkey bars and jump off again - and nor will any of those who saw it! Learning by experience can be very hard, but it is a mighty effective teacher.

And finally, the V I M didn't happen, but it will happen on Monday instead (we hope). Ho hum!!
Photo: Ava, becoming acquainted with my stairs.


One more day on and those reports are now burning a hole in my conscience. I'm not sure why they're going so slowly at the moment but the words and phrases are not flowing at all. And time is getting short too!

Apart from that, today is PPA, then a maths lesson, then, perhaps, a less V I M, perhaps not - I just don't know! Not knowing is unsettling.

And I need to quiz my little dears about what actually happened when J had his accident. I thought that had been done, but it hadn't! Ho hum . . .

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Nearly bed time.

I know it's early, but I'm just so tired. Early mornings are a lot better than late nights!

It looks as if the V I M scheduled for tomorrow could be off. Very annoying after spending more time than I could really spare on getting the paperwork ready for it - including making eight copies of everything for those scheduled to attend.

On the bright side, I will get to spend Friday afternoon with my class, which can only be a Very Good Thing.

In the lunch break I strongly discourage the children from coming up to me with their problems, as that's what our lovely MDAs are for. So today, when Very Persistent Boy kept trying to say something, I was less than encouraging . . .

V P B: Mrs Clark, Mrs Clark . . .

Me: Go and see Mrs E, dear

VPB: But Mrs Clark . . .

Me: I'm not here really, I'm somewhere else
(that usually gets a smile from them)

VPB: But Mrs Clark - this is very important.

Me: So where's the blood then?
(this also gets a smile, usually, but . . .)

VPB (suppressing a sob) All over J, Mrs Clark. He cut his head open
and there's b-blood EVERYWHERE!!

All of which put me effectively and thoroughly in my place - because it was true. Poor little J had suffered a really nasty accident, cut his head badly and was lying in 'injuries' (what the children call the first aid room) looking very pale and dazed with an efficient bandage around his head. Fortunately, his mum turned up as soon as she could to take him to hospital and the last we heard was that they were probably going to keep him in under observation overnight. Take care, J, we're all thinking of you.
And he missed the inflatable session, after school today - rotten bad luck all round, in fact.

On that cheerful note - sleep well, everyone and please, if you pray - say one for little J tonight! Thanks.

Back in class today

. . . and thank goodness for that! It sounds good, not having to take a class, but that's what I love doing and what I went into teaching for, so it's not wonderful when I can't. Yes, it was great to get some important paperwork completed - it's a great weight off my mind - but there's nothing like the direct contact with the children. Tomorrow I won't see them much, what with PPA in the morning and the last of the V I Ms in the afternoon. I suppose an hour of maths is better than nothing though :0)

Apart from that, life plods on!

Nice recipe for home made still honey-lemonade

you need
150g nice runny honey
200 ml fresh lemon juice

Gently heat the honey with 50 mls water until it liquefies. Take it off the heat and allow it to slightly cool, then pour in the lemon juice, stirring all the time. Then add some cold water (about half a litre is fine) and chill. Serve with ice and slices of lemon. Or add less water, chill as before, then dilute with sparkling water before serving. Both ways are nice and it's very refreshing.

Photo: In the woods.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009


And just to add to this morning's blog, I got such a lot of important and necessary paperwork done today, which relieved me considerably. My ear is nearly back to its pretty inefficient but manageable self (even the hearing aid is not uncomfortable again) and the eye is non-itchy and looks almost as calm as the other one now. It's all a huge relief. Now to get those reports sorted . . .

DD has some of her art work displayed in the town library starting on Friday. I'm well chuffed for her. If you happen to live in Chelmsford, do go along and take a look! I'll be there, with her and DG, who is coming back to spend the night round mine so his mum can stay and have a wee celebration with other artists. Should be fun all round.

A day without . . .

. . . any Very Important Meetings! What a relief. Also a day without any children, seeing as my ear is still blocked.

Someone asked me should I be in school at all with conjunctivitis and they have a point - no, I probably shouldn't. After all, if it was a child, we'd have them back out in mummy's loving arms pretty pronto and quite right too. But we all know it's different for teachers, don't we? You can have boils spouting pus and a hacking couch that spits germs from one end of the playground to the other and you're still considered fit enough to be in school teaching your little treasures!
Actually, the above is very unfair where I teach, but in the past it would have been very fair comment. I remember being in the middle of a phone call to the head to explain, having to stop while I had a major puke into a bowl, then being asked was I *sure* I couldn't manage to teach today.

So, as I said above, my workplace is pretty good at this sort of thing, given that it costs around £200 a day for supply cover (possibly more by now). So no complaints from me (and I hope no-one else gets eye rot)! Bring on that Very Important Paperwork and I raise my mug of caffeine to the head who has given me the time to get some of it done.

Photo: Where we're spending our summer holiday - the Dairy at Streele farm.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009


It ain't half been hot today. A baking sun and very little refreshing breeze. I gather tomorrow will be cooler, thank goodness - I find these very hot days hard to cope with.

Thanks to a combination of the ear infection and the antibiotic spray, I am as deaf as a post in my left ear (usually my stronger one) even with the hearing aid in. Today has been - er - interesting and they're got a supply to cover my class tomorrow. It's not that I'm unwell, I just can't teach! There's loads of SEN work to be getting on with though, so a day to focus on it all will be a great relief!

Hopefully, by Thursday, the normal (what passes for normal anyway) hearing will be back again . . .

Photo: Can't remember if I've already posted this, apologies if I have. Some flowers in the garden


What gorgeous weather we've been having recently - hot, sunny and not particularly humid. I gather it's going to break soon so I hope those of us who can will make the most of it. At the moment the skies are a bright, clear blue, promising good things for today.

Today it's the next V I M. Fingers crossed . . .

Photo: I've never planted tomatoes in a hanging basket but there were for sale very reasonably priced a few weeks ago so I was tempted beyond . . etc. The masses of flowers coming out promise a good harvest. Just imagine popping out of the back door to pick the tomatoes for breakfast or lunch. Lovely!

Monday, 1 June 2009

More whinges

Ear infection, mutter mutter
Eye infection, double mutter, mutter.

Yes, not only to I have an outer ear infection, which is being treated with a very effective ear spray (I've used it before), I also have conjunctivitis and eye drops to match! What next, I wonder. Nose rot? Eyebrow moulting disease?
Three cheers for nice efficient GP surgery that fitted me in this evening at short notice.

Better news from work - one Very Important Meeting over, only two more to go this week.

No photo because I'm writing this at DD's house!

Whinge, moan . . .

. . .bloomin' ear infection!! Mutter, mutter . . .