Tuesday, 2 May 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It looks as if it's going to be a pleasant enough day today which is nice for those of us allotment bound again.

I put in about two hours yesterday before coming home and lazing around for the rest of the afternoon.  We're getting close to being ready to plant, thank goodness; if we don't get going soon, it will be too late.  I'm really looking forward to getting some productivity going!

There's just one problem and that's the cage.  Several years ago, Beth, with help, put up a sort of 'cage' to keep the badgers away from the corn.  It worked but we don't need it any more and it's proving the very devil to get out.  It's just pallets, covered with chicken wire and I think we will need to get some wire cutters to the wire.  The base of the pallets (the bit in the ground) is rotting so would come out easily if it wasn't for the wire.  I think it will just have to stay there until Autumn, looking battered and antique, when we will have the time to dig deeply or maybe, if I get some wire cutters, we can clip round the wire as deep as we can easily get and deal with the rest later.  It's in the way, for sure.

In the afternoon, my garden lad came round and scraped round the slabs in the back garden to get rid of the weeds there!

The rest of the day was spent watching Miss Marple programmes.  The REAL Miss Marple, I mean, the unbeatable Joan Hickson.

Today is early allotment, then home to tidy up before doing my stint with FS this afternoon.  It's usually Monday but not this week, of course.  Time to get going!


Rachelradiostar said...

Hello Joy, my garden lad cut my grass yesterday! Back to work for me today. Ido like Bank Holidays!

Eileen T said...

I agree with you ... Joan Hickson is the 'real' Miss Marple. Her portrayal of the character is very true to my memory of the books.

Joy said...

Rachel - I used to love bank holidays too. That three day weekend was so welcome. Good for your garden 'lad'!

Eileen - I gather Agatha Christie herself thought that Joan would make a great Miss Marple. She is the definitive portrayal, as David Suchet is Poirot (in my opinion)
J x

J x

DUTA said...

Good Luck with the planting!

Annabeth said...

Maybe your garden lad can help you with the cage, it sounds as if some brawn is needed.

Joy said...

DUTA - still weeding and moving rubbish around. One of these days we will get round to taking some to the dump! We've nearly cleared the main area of nasty weeds now and just need to keep them under control with regular hoeing/weeding from now on

Annabeth - we actually managed to free up and move two sections - it's just a matter of digging deeper and a bit of welly. The other two sections are staying up until the autumn so we were quite chuffed. It's starting to look like a 'real' (i.e. 'tidy') allotment now.

J x