Monday, 14 December 2015


I've been playing with some free online stuff .

Good morning, gentle readers.  It is Monday - start of the last week of the term.  It's mild outside and the chances of getting any sort of white over Christmas - snow or frost - seem very low indeed.  Shame - I love a good frost, even though scraping the car windows is a bit of a pain.

Yesterday was very pleasant.  I made bread in the morning as well as taking my culinary life in my hands to make vegetable pasties for lunch.  It worked though.  I first sauteed in butter and then boiled a mixture of veg (onion, leek, sweet potato, potato, carrot, sweet corn and shredded cabbage) with some red lentils in water with some seasoning until they were soft.  I drained off the vegetable water and used it to make gravy with thickening granules.  I made the pastry in Thermione, mixed the veg with some soft cheese for a sauce, made up the pasties and baked them.  You know what - they were really nice.  My guest has food issues that make what can be eaten quite restricted so I was pleased that they turned out so well.  The gravy was good too - one I shall make again.  With sprouts and carrots it made a good meal.

In the afternoon Beth and I got on with sewing while my guest did some work for a meeting today.  After Beth left I carried on sewing and have finished off the project we were on (mostly made by Beth).  Beth, if you read this, all done I will pick off the bits and get them all ready for packing!

In the evening I was a terrible hostess and watched Countryfile, Strictly and Antiques Roadshow.  A good evenings telly for me.  I was so pleased and Anton and Katie reached the finals and they danced better in the dance-off than the other pair (I think) so deserved to get through.  Anton is always my favourite!

Today the dough is rising, I have to take my friend to the station soon, I have a morning of housework and an afternoon of Christmas carols and readings.  Luvverly!


Diane said...

What a nice day you have ahead i love carols and really miss the day when the boys were at school and we attended the carol concert.

Joy said...

They are very atmospheric, aren't they. Our school does singing very well indeed and I'm looking forward to it all.
J x

Rachelradiostar said...

I made almost the identical recipe on Sunday. But blitzed it to make soup!

Joy said...

Hey, snap!!! Tasty, isn't it?
J x