Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Waking up to another heavy frost makes me grateful (yet again) for a secure home and plenty of things to keep me warm because it is really bitterly cold out there this morning.
I gather it is likely to warm up a bit tomorrow and into the New Year before perhaps getting colder again.  We shall see but one thing's for certain and that is I won't be able to change what is due to happen one iota!

Yesterday was interesting.  I didn't mention this in my last blog because it is not sensible to announce that ones home will be empty for most of the day.  The thing is, my car has been causing me some concerns recently.  She's sluggish and unresponsive and doesn't give me quick speed when I need it any more which has been annoying and, on occasion, a bit scary.  Now, she is old - fifteen plus years old, in fact - and has done me very good service over the years but things move on and things wear out.

Yesterday I took her to the Peugeot specialist garage in town.  It has a very, very good name and Beth has always been satisfied with their work.  The brief was to give her a thorough going over to see what does or doesn't need doing to bring her back up to a decent performance, if possible, and, more importantly, whether it is actually worth having any necessary work done.

The answer to the latter part was no, it's not worth it, something I expected but I thought I really ought to investigate as I don't like to ditch things too readily.  I've been very fortunate with my car.  She's given me very little trouble and very little expense for many years but everything seems to be going at the same time and the time has come to replace her.

She's drivable although they recommended no long journeys (I rarely do long journeys anyway) and they checked I had AA or RAC membership (I do).  So I have time.  Also, fortunately, I have access to funding without taking out a loan, which is a very Good Thing.

So that was yesterday's excitement.  Test drives, here I come.

While the car was in, Beth came to pick me up and I spent the day with her, kitty adoring and - surprise, surprise - snoozing!  Yes, I got my snoozes in, of course I did.  I slept restlessly the previous night because the whole car thing was on my mind and kept buzzing round and round my dreams.  It's worry/uncertainty more than anything else that makes for bad nights for me and the night before last was no exception.

After Beth had picked me up we popped into her local Tesco for a few bits and bobs.  To my delight, they had gammon hams at half price which was great value so I grabbed a couple to freeze.  They also had some roasting beef so I got a good piece which I will cut into four smaller lengths, two for Beth and two for me.

Also, over Christmas, I was mortified with the condition of my glasses.  They are always washed in the dishwasher and it was showing big time!  Mind you, they were cheaper than cheap (because I knew I'd use the dishwasher) and have actually lasted for years without looking tatty, so they've done jolly well.  It might sound a bit cheapskate of me but I haven't the time to faff around with hand washing too much and want classes that will stack for reasons of space and those plain and cheapos from the likes of Tesco are just the ticket so I bought four boxes of four at £1.50 for four which should see me OK for many years to come.

I was pleased with all those purchases.

Today will be, I hope, a gentle day.  I have some info about cars to read through and I need to pick up some work from school, getting in via the library.  I didn't manage to do the fridge yesterday so I will get that done today too.  Looking at the car folder, I seem to have kept just about every single piece of paper since I got here, including, would you believe, the outside bit of the car tax thingy that had to be displayed in the car.  Another thing that needs sorting out.  After all, I really don't think I need to keep the letter notifying me that my insurance is up for renewal in 2003 any more, do you?

But first - yes, you got it - another coffee!


Diane said...

I am on my third and last of the morning the choux buns are drying out in the cooling oven and the blue cheese filling is made. Good fun thing to do on a cold frosty morning - nothing like a hot oven!!!

Sorry to hear about your car but sadly nothing last forever I must admit I have been looking at mine and thinking perhaps it is time to change.

Joy said...

:-) I must look at the recipe. You leave them to cool in the oven, do you?
It's sad about the car. I tend to get quite fond of things like this (weird, I know) and it feels uncomfortable to just discard, but there you go! As you say, nothing lasts for ever and at least I will have up to date technology to play with.
J x

Diane said...

Yes Joy I pierce the bottoms to let out the steam and then put them back in the oven with the door ajar while it cools which lets them dry out and stay crisp.

Joy said...

OK, thanks. Must try it sometime.
J x

Sonja said...

How exciting about the new car - gosh, it will be fun doing test-drives and working out which one to buy.
My tax disc runs out very soon - you know, the circular one which you display on your windscreen? I thought I read that these are not being used anymore, or did I dream this?
Have a wonderful day?

Joy said...

You still have to pay your road tax but you don't have a disc to display any more.
Check it out online.
J x

joanygee said...

D has a Yaris and we both love it, and only paying £20 'road tax'. We bought the 3-door version. More practical for those with arthritis. It's always referred to as the 'shopping trolley'. Good luck in your searches/research. I have several more weeks to wait before I can attempt to drive again. How I miss the freedom! Jx

Sonja said...

Oh great - thanks so much, so I didn't dream it, that's good. :o)
I'll have a look and see how to do it. Can it not be done at the post office at all anymore?
Hope you have had a fabulous day.

Joy said...

I don't know about the PO, Sonja. I've done mine online for a while now. I'm sure the answer is 'out there'.
Joan - hoping the weeks go quickly for you.
J x