Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Wednesday morning

. . . and it's bitterly cold with a very heavy frost and clear skies. I'm very glad I'm walking as scraping the car would be a pain and take ages. The school bag isn't too heavy, the furry boots are warm and the air will be just right - cold, fresh and clean.

It was a busy day yesterday. It started with a bustle around to get everything ready, moved on to a PPA time when L and I really didn't have much time for planning (although things are so whoops-a-daisy at the moment it hardly matters), then staggered into coordinator time when I managed to get all the remaining programmes printed and sorted and to finally work out how to gain access to my escimo mailbox, another rehearsal at lunchtime (they're getting pretty good now) and finally an afternoon where most of them wished they'd worked a little harder in the morning, as they had to finish things off before they could 'choose'.

After school was a triumph. I managed to clear my table - yes, totally clear it! I had to. L has a different teacher's table now and her old one was nicer and newer than mine, so I've now got hers and my old and manky one has gone. It looks an awful lot better! AND I got the books ready for Reading Revelry which will mean less panicking around this morning.

Yesterday morning I received an email that made me very happy. It was from Jacqui, the owner of Streele Farm, in response to a message I sent the farm office, thanking them for the kind offer of the Barn next summer (as described in a recent blog) and just saying how important our holidays there have been to us. F. at the office forwarded the message. I won't go into details but suffice it to say there are some wonderfully kind and generous people around. Thank you so much.

Today I am with my lovely class for all but half an hour, but it's one of those less 'academic' days. Reading Revelry, phonics, literacy . . . and then it tips into Assembly, ICT in the computer suite, a visit to the library and show and tell (PPA). And that's the day virtually over! Hopefully, staff meeting will be short as there's loads and loads to do in the classroom.

And will it snow? Who knows.

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