Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Wednesday morning

. . . and I'm starting off with some good news.

When I opened my Google mailbox this morning, there was a message from Streele Farm regarding next year's booking of the Dairy for a week. The Dairy is now not not being let to visitors (shame, it's such a lovely place to stay) and as we have already booked, they are offering us the Barn for the week instead - at no extra cost. That's incredible, I mean the Barn is huge and beautiful, it looks over the hills and it has three bathrooms and three big bedrooms - we can have one each, no sharing! We'd never normally be able to afford the Barn but have always wished we could so this is absolutely amazing.
That's the good news. The sad news is that if the Diary is now not available, next year will be our last at Streele Farm. We couldn't afford the Barn at its normal rental, it's way too dear. All good things . . . as the saying goes.
All we need now is fine weather!

Last week, for the first time, I ordered something from Robert Dyas. I've never used their website before, but I say an ad in one of the foody mags for an electric 'keep food warm' thingy, which is something I've been thinking about getting for some time - at a very reduced price. So I fell! It's been dispatched so should arrive today or tomorrow, at school. It's really sad; I'm quite excited about it!

I think (hope) today is a normal day. OK, so the children are in family assembly, five minutes of stress and worry, but apart from that, it's a normal day. I could do with a normal day after the recent ups and downs. Fingers crossed, please!

Hope it's good for my readers too.

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