Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Wednesday morning

After yesterday's dampness, it does seem to be a little drier (from what I can see right now), although there's quite a wind. I'm very much hoping that the children will be able to get outside today, after two days of wet playtimes. Sometimes, when they can't get out, it's just like shaking an unsealed bottle of champagne . . . after a while there's likely to be an explosion as the pressure builds, and we never want that! Especially if it's windy . . .

Yesterday, in PPA, L and I had a good think about next Monday. Next Monday is our scheduled observation so, while we won't be doing anything 'special', we want our planning and organisation to be as good as possible, obviously. We should have had it before half term but either L or I was always out of class at the possible times. Next Monday is the first possible time for weeks. It's slightly disconcerting that our usual adult supports won't be there as they are the 'other half' attending the introduction to autism course, but you can't always have everything, can you, observations should reflect normality as much as possible and sometimes the support just isn't there! Anyway, preparations are well on the way!

Today is 'just' a normal day:
Reading Revelry
Family assembly
PPA/Show and Tell
Story time
A pretty varied day, interesting and things that the children all enjoy a lot. Should be
good! It's lovely to have a job where I look forward to each day.

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