Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Wednesday evening

And my gosh, it's SO cold!! I think it feels colder than it really is, as there's no frost about, but I'm sure there will be by the morning. I accidentally did a playground duty this afternoon (got my weeks muddled) and it was very shivery!
It's so lovely to walk home in the cold, open the front door and go into the warmth of the hall and living room. I hope I never take that blessing for granted, because I know I'm very lucky indeed.

When I got home, there was a Lakeland catalogue on the mat and, looking inside, they have something I've been hunting for for ages - a table top hot plate. I had one ages ago and chucked it out because I never used it. Now I have more space and cater for family (and other) events, a hot plate would be very useful indeed. So guess who is paying Lakeland yet another visit at the weekend! Thank goodness I will have been paid by then, because there's other rather nice festive stuff I wouldn't mind taking a look at. I've done a bit of Googling around and, although it doesn't look cheap, the price is very competitive, especially if you count parking costs with postal costs when buying from other sources.
Then it will be on to the pound shop to get nice little goodies that cost virtually nothing.
I might also look at Bon Marche as last time I was there I was pleasantly surprised by some of the stuff they had in and I am looking for something a bit sparkly to wear on Christmas day. There's no guarantee I'll find anything, of course, but I may as well look and see.

Assuming we're not snowed in - of course. :0)

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