Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Tuesday morning

. . . and it's bitterly cold outside with a very heavy frost. Anything that survived the previous frosts a few weeks ago will surely be finished off by this one. Time for the garden's autumn haircut. I've been putting it off and putting it off, but the time has come! Looks like George and i will be working together on Saturday morning!

When I got home last night, there were DD and DG supervising the baking of the cakes. DD's oven is playing up so she's made the cakes round here this year. I gave DG some dinner

Me: What would you like, savoury mince or chicken casserole (I have those single portions in the freezer)
DG: I think I'll have savoury mince, I've never had savoury mince before
Me: (thinking: I'm sure I've given him savoury mince before)

After dinner and a VERY clean plate from DG

Me: Well, did you like the savoury mince?
DG: I did but I'm confused. I didn't find any mints . . .

(think about it)

Today is a usual Tuesday: PPA, coordinator time and teaching this afternoon. However, both L and I will need to take our classes during PPA for a while because it's show practice and I will need to fit in two rehearsals this afternoon for family assembly tomorrow. I'll be glad when that is over too - it's not nerve wracking or anything like that, but it has to be done and done well! We're still producing detailed lesson planning but the rehearsals are driving a coach and horses through it and things are just not getting done - no time!

I had the first 'cast rehearsal' for Whoops a Daisy Angel yesterday. It was evident that WADA had made great efforts to learn her considerable number of words, bless here. Nothing lackadisical about that child! There's rehearsals scheduled for every lunchtime this week after which they should be reasonably au fait with their parts and movements (I hope!) I wish I could say the same thing about my class' dance!! My only comfort is that everyone's saying the same thing at the moment! Just under three weeks to go!

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