Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Tuesday morning

I've just taken a peep outside and it looks very wet but there's no wind to speak of and it doesn't feel too icy. The weather forecast is not promising so fingers crossed for playtimes!

PPA morning followed by coordinator time today. A shame, because there's some really good lessons today and sometimes I feel rather sad that I plan this stuff and then don't get the fun of delivering it too. As a teacher, when I plan, I put something of myself into the planning. I think most, if not all, teachers do. Not delivering it makes it feel unfinished. Tuesdays and Fridays are a particular problem because last year SEN days were on Tuesday and PPA on Fridays (it's the other way round this year) so I look at previous planning and think 'I don't remember how this went'. A very strange feeling.

I said in my other blog that the weight is bouncing like a bungee jumper at the moment. Half term, family celebrations, trips to London, going away . . . all these have conspired to create a very uneven eating pattern so over the next week or so I MUST work at getting some stability back again before it starts all over again in December. H0 hum!

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