Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Tuesday evening

Well, the weather was pretty grim, especially this morning and, unfortunately, the children didn't get out at all until afternoon Infant play. I thought they would be quite volatile this afternoon but, surprisingly, they seemed pretty settled and pursued their activities with their usual amicability. I had to leave them at two as there was a meeting, but I popped them in front of Words and Pictures, always a popular watch and educational too, which appeased my conscience and kept them happy, content and learning appropriately.

Tuesday always means dance exercise after school and I'm getting into it pretty well now. I can't say I'm much good at it because I'm not, but it's a lot of fun and I always feel I'm using muscles not usually troubled too much, which can only be a Good Thing. I'm sure I will see the benefits more clearly as the weight continues to go and the fitness levels rise: just for now it's enjoyable which is not something to be sniffed at after a long day at school.

It's almost bedtime, so sleep well!

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