Thursday, 25 November 2010

Thursday morning

On the way downstairs, I opened the landing window as I usually do, to feel the temperature. It got closed again jolly quickly! It feels like ice out there; there's no frost to be seen but I bet there a lot of ice and I will have to be careful walking to school.

I've been taking stock of things. This coming weekend is a long weekend and so it's a great opportunity to really get ready for Christmas. Also, the following weekend I have the family down on Saturday (a buffet, I think), and the Friday after that is the Infants staff do to be held here. The following weekend is the one before Christmas and I might have a friend and her daughter staying. So this weekend really is quite important in terms of getting things sorted.

Luckily, I feel as if I'm just coming out of a 'lazy phase' which has been threatening to overwhelm me for the past week (with comfort eating to match), and I think I'm going to Make a List (always a good sign). I also have to do some school assessments so can get going with that too.

The planning is starting to look fun - decorations, Christmas based maths problems, etc. There's one I'm particularly proud of, relating to repeating patterns and paper chains and the classic hand and foot reindeer. The following week there's the angel and making a Christmas card and - oh, all sorts of fun things! I do love Christmas.

My friend, who lives on the North Yorkshire Moors, had blizzards yesterday. Here? No such luck! Boo.

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