Thursday, 18 November 2010

Thursday morning

It felt so cold yesterday. There was an icy chill in the air that made us wonder if snow was on the way. No such luck, it's been raining and looks pretty dismal outside at the moment, but that's not going to stop me walking - after all, what are hoods and brollies for? It would have been nice walking through snow though.

After a lovely family assembly, the rest of the day continued to go well. The children enjoyed trying a music program in the ICT suite, and it was funny to watch them bouncing away to their created rhythm patterns without us adults being able to hear the music.
And then, in the afternoon, we got all stuck up doing a papier mache covering to plastic bottles to make a shaker. Fun, fun, fun!!!

Today? Well, I have two hall times to rehearse our dance, which hasn't quite come together yet, but is nearly there now. We (F and I) have finally found the right music. Something rhythmic with plenty of easily recognisable musical landmarks for the children to know when to change their movements. It's the March from the Nutcracker Suite and it's just right - thanks, F, for the suggestion. And then there's more sticking shenanigans as we carry on with making the shakers! Fun, fun, fun!

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