Thursday, 11 November 2010

Thursday morning

And what a cold night it was too. I peeped out after a stagger to the loo and the moon was shining over a very frosty landscape. It looked beautiful but cold enough to send me swiftly back to bed to stay warm and cosy. Now the frost seems to have gone and there's a bit of a wind. There's heavy rain and wind forecast for today which does not bode well for outdoor play, but at least it won't affect outdoor games this morning, as it's dance practice in the hall instead!

You can tell we're well into the Christmas run up. The timetable is peppered with items like 'dance practice', 'song practise' and 'all angels to my bay at lunchtime to practise the first three sections . . .' And it's not going to change for several weeks to come either.

On top of that, it's our family assembly next week, so we're up to our eyes in rehearsals for that too. Ho hum!

School is rather all-absorbing at the moment and there's little time for much else.

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