Sunday, 14 November 2010

Sunday teatime, more or less

It's been a busy day in my kitchen, one way and another.

Firstly, the baked beans turned out very tasty but the haricot beans themselves were still a little hard. I added some more water and simmered the pot on the hob for about half an hour which dealt with the extra added water and softened the beans nicely. Twelve portions.

I made the braised red cabbage and afterwards, while it was cooling, realised I'd forgotten to dot butter over the top. It still tasted very good, so no problem. A large container full for Christmas and four more single portions.

The pork and apple thingy was pork tenderloin, onion, eating apples, multicoloured peppers, baby corn, mushrooms and cider, done the usual way but without the sauce being thickened. I'll do that the other side of the freezer. Five portions.

Finally, I did the pigs in blankets which will be frozen in the roasting dish for easy cooking on Christmas Day.

Just to cap it all, DD turned up for tea, bringing with her the ingredients for the Christmas cake. The dried fruits are now soaking in alcohol prior to her coming over again tomorrow to mix it and bake it - her oven isn't working properly.

No wonder the house smells good!

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