Sunday, 14 November 2010

Sunday morning

. . . and the Tamworth baked beans are in the oven, slowly baking away. I say 'Tamworth' baked beans but they aren't really; the name comes from the 10 mls of Tamworth rib marinade in the recipe and, as I couldn't locate it in Sainsbury's, I have used a smoky barbecue sauce instead. Perhaps it should be called Not-Tamworth baked beans instead.
It's a nice looking recipe with slurpy things in, some of which I have substituted. The bbq sauce, for a start, plus it asks for smoked ham hock which I couldn't find so I got some value smoked gammon slices instead. It's also got onion, sweet potato, maple syrup, tabasco, mustard powder and ketchup, plus some of the liquid from the initial boiling up of the overnight soaked haricot beans. With a vague memory of the little house books and Ma making baked beans, I laid the cut off gammon fat over the top, as it can have a lovely flavour. I'll lift that off and discard when it's all cooked. There was no other seasoning but I would guess the salt from the smoked meat will be plenty. It's now got to bake, very, very slowly, for four hours or so: I might add a little bit more maple syrup at some point as it didn't seem very much and I love the sweet savoury mix - I'll see after tasting later on.

At some point in the next hour I will get the red cabbage ready and use the same oven heat for that - no point wasting it, is there, especially as there's very little difference between the heat needed for the two recipes? It says make in a lidded casserole dish but that won't fit under my big casserole in the oven so I'll use a roasting tray and cover it with foil instead.

Apart from that, there's the usual weekend stuff and I must make sure I am totally ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow is the dreaded lesson observation, long delayed because of awkwardly timed courses. I qualified as a teacher in 1973 and have taught in various ways since then with just a seven year break while having my family. I'm experienced, I think I mostly do an OK job, I teach in an open plan environment where anyone and everyone could walk past and see exactly what's going on at any time - but I HATE being observed! I don't sleep the night before and I comfort eat (not this time though!!). I might sleep better if I know everything is totally absolutely ready - I hope!

Oh, I am so aching this morning, all round my middle, which is great for my core strength. I guess I need to do lots and lots of digging, which DD should be pleased about! Brilliant exercise.

Better get going and start shredding that lovely red cabbage!

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