Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sunday morning

And here I am at my parents', trying to make sense of the way Dad's new PC works. At some point I'm going to have to upgrade so it worth making the effort. Some of it is pretty intuitive, but some is most confusing!

Last night was super.
Firstly, the restaurant: it is no longer a carvery and the name has changed. That was probably a wise move, if it was getting a bit of a bad name. The whole carvery concept, with its necessity to join long queues and wait for ages while getting more and more stressed about missing the beginning of the show, has gone. So have the three courses plus coffee - most sensible of them. It's all been simplified and now there's a choice from eight main courses and six desserts, all waiter service. If you arrives between five thirty and seven thirty (in other words, if you are going on to the show at the theatre), you pay a set price of nine pounds, plus any drinks. That is pretty good value and I wonder how long they can keep it so low.

Equally pleasing was the presentation. Much more 'cheffy', so the plates weren't piled high, there was room and it was pleasing to the eye. We liked that - one of our big family moans when we eat out is how much food we're given, way, way too much. There was absolutely nothing left on the plates and everyone was satisfied. Dad, having moaned mightily after last time, will be writing to them again to make positive comments. If one does complain and they act to remedy the problems, it's only fair to respond positively and let them know.

So, a great start, followed by a show that was full of colour, life and fantastic singing. A lovely evening altogether.

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