Saturday, 20 November 2010

Saturday morning

. . . and to complete the saga of the savoury mince, the overnight slow cook worked a real treat. The frozen peas are now in and cooked and the whole thing has been shared into single portion containers. For the last quarter of it, I added a can of kidney beans as well - the beans, not the can!!
And I'd got the price wrong. The meat cost just over £5 and the whole thing made sixteen generous portions. Even with everything else I added and the overnight heat, that's pretty economical, I think. And delicious! And healthy

It's the weekend. Phew. I have to go into town to pay in a cheque and then it's home again to the much needed housework. George is coming round so the garden will look a lot better afterwards. This afternoon I intend to sleep. Oh, and make the Christmas stuffing too! Also I ought to wrap some pressies and write some cards. Generally, though, I want to take things easy. Fingers crossed!

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