Saturday, 13 November 2010

Saturday morning

. . . and it's going to be busy.

Sainsbury's opens at seven (I think - must check on their site) so I am going to do the little shopping needed quite early. I admit that I could more easily go to Morrisons but I fancy a trawl around Sainsbury's so it's duty mixed with pleasure.

When I get back I MUST put the first load of washing in the machine or it will never all get done in time for me to iron, air and put away by the end of the weekend. Also, things are getting a bit out of hand in the tidying up department, so that's got to be sorted too.

Later on George is round and today we're both going to DD's allotment to help her. She has quite a big patch and, due to both adverse weather and not feeling too well, there's a fair bit needs doing. Hopefully, between the three of us and whatever help DG is able to give, it will make a big difference. Fortunately, the weather is likely to remain dry and, as we're likely to work up a heat, being cold won't really matter.

This afternoon, apart from R&R, it's braised red cabbage afternoon. I have all the ingredients (must just check the red wine vinegar before making my shopping list) and it's about time it was done. I meant to make it last week and other stuff got in the way. Also, maybe, depending on what I see in Sainsbury's, I may do a bit of batch cooking for the freezer. There are now some gaps, the stewed fruit is getting low and there's less variety of choice generally. Seeing as this is a huge weapon in my weight loss battle - having a variety of frozen single meals ready - I'm not going to sabotage things at this stage, so must 'be prepared' (yes, I was a Girl Guide for a short time in my youth). As time is short, I intend to be rather lazy and see what they have in the way of nice jars of sauce. Some ready made sauces are rubbish but some can be jolly nice so I do try not to be snobby about them. I love cooking but, when time is short or energy levels are low, I'm willing to use alternatives.

But first - must go and have my bath!

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