Saturday, 6 November 2010

Saturday morning

My head feels a little fuzzled after the celebrations of yesterday evening but I must ignore that, there's plenty to do today and limited time to do it!

I really was very proud of what the school produced for the music competition. The group had a 'family' feel to it with little year ones on their violins and cellos (so cute), juniors doing all sorts of things - tuned and untuned percussion, rhythm, chanting, singing, recorder, flute, trumpet, piano - and members of staff playing their instruments too. It was a piece written especially for the occasion by Ruth, who teaches violin to all our year one and foundation stage children - yes, all of them! Brave woman, she is!
The applause at the end raised the roof, so the audience obviously liked it a lot.

The adjudicator made some extremely kind comments about the performance and there was not one negative comment, not even one wrapped up in positivity. He gave them 87/100, a very good mark indeed, seven points more than the score he gave the other two groups, so it really was a convincing win.

Well done Ruth, well done Sarah, well done everyone! It's given the children an experience I suspect they will remember with pride for a very long time to come.

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