Saturday, 13 November 2010

Saturday lunchtime

Got the shopping done in good time. While I was in the fruit and veg area I noticed some strawberries that didn't look too bad. Normally I wouldn't bother at this time of year, but there's some frozen rhubarb that needs using and I remember mum singing the praises of rhubarb and strawberry last weekend. It seems they have a natural affinity of taste. I thought I'd try it so, when I got home, I dug the bag of rhubarb out of the freezer, stewed it with some sugar, then added the halved strawberries, turned off the heat and left the lot to cool down. You know what? Mum was absolutely right. It smells and tastes absolutely gorgeous. Just rhubarb, strawberries and sugar. Six yummy portions - it could have stretched to seven but . . . Just thinking of a crumble topping is setting the tastebuds alight!

Anyway, while that was cooling, George arrived and off we went to DD's allotment for two hours of heavy digging. I've just had a hot bath to ease the aches and pains and I will be stiff, but I'm so pleased. Seven months ago there's no way I would have been able to manage that for more than ten minutes before needing to stop. I wouldn't have been able to bend over sufficiently and the blood pressure would have risen alarmingly.
George did a fantastic job. DD was most impressed with his hard work and application. Hopefully, he will be willing to help out again, if needs be.

It looks as if this allotment is going to be jolly useful as a calorie burner. It's a lot bigger than I anticipated and it's just as well that DS is also getting involved because it would be rather too much for DD on her own. So maybe it will become a real family venture for us all. Nice thought.

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