Saturday, 20 November 2010

Saturday afternoon

. . . and two different stuffings are now freezing down for Christmas.

The vegetarian one is an onion, sage, lemon and apple stuffing - that's for DD. The other is a chestnut , bacon and cranberry stuffing. I was going to concoct a recipe myself but I took a quick look online and quickly found this recipe on the Good Food site. While shopping, I found some good sausages (97% lean pork shoulder, the packet said): they certainly looked pretty good and the resulting stuffing tastes just right, very, very tasty indeed. That's another job ticked off the list.

Do you think it might snow tomorrow? Well, you never know so, just in case, I bought some books at Sainsbury's too. I was well pleased - I have trouble with boots as I have clunky ankles, a very wide foot and large calves. Most just won't go on. So when I found two pairs that fitted I couldn't decide - so I bought both pairs! They're not fashion boots, they're proper walking-outside-and-change-out-of-them-when-you-get-inside warm, furry lined boots.

Let it snow. I'm ready!

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