Monday, 15 November 2010

Monday morning

. . . and I'm all of a wibble this morning. Roll on lunchtime!

When I went out to the freezer with the newly cooked stuff yesterday evening (yes, it did all fit in - just), it felt extremely chilly and when I peeped out this morning there was a very heavy frost. It's obviously been a cold, cold night and I must remember to allow car scraping time this morning.

There's such a good feeling about a loaded freezer and the comforting knowledge that I can eat well for the next month or so, even if I were stony broke. It's also nice to know that some of the Christmas food chores are done and there, ready. That will give me more time to spend with my family instead of in the kitchen, always a good thing. But I must NOT do any more freezer cooking - there simply isn't the room. I keep umming and ahing about getting a large chest freezer to replace my smaller one which is on the way out anyway, but I never seem to run it down enough to be able to. I ought to make a concerted effort to reduce what I've got frozen to fit in the upright freezer and then I could do the necessary with the chest freezer. The theory is that I keep the upright one for my single portion meals and the chest one for all the other stuff, but, as always, theory doesn't relate to practice all that readily.

Maybe, one day . . .

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