Monday, 8 November 2010

Monday evening and somewhat niggled.

I drove to the course venue today. It is within walking distance but not when there's heavy rain and strong wind! Because they are in the middle of intensive building work, there were a lot of staff cars parking by the side of the road so I drove into a side road and parked in the place that would cause least possible annoyance, or so I thought.

I was wrong!

When I got back to the car after the course had finished, there was a message under one of the wipers saying, in essence, that I had inconvenienced a resident (still can't really see how) by parking outside number [number given] and that I had no right to park there, it being a private road.

The writer of the message obviously didn't expect that I knew that it was a public road and, as there were no parking restrictions, I was perfectly entitled to park there. What a fib! Hence the niggly feeling!
What did make me smile though, was that in a gap in the message, in a different colour and different hand, there was an additional message which stated - 'This message was NOT written by anyone who lives at number [number given]', presumably written by someone who DOES live at number . . .

And the course was brilliant!

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