Friday, 19 November 2010

Friday morning

And, as ever, SEN day.

Today will be a bit different. Today is performance management for the various SEN LSAs and so that's what I will be doing, sometimes with S and sometimes just me and the LSA. I enjoyed last year's cycle.

Then, at lunchtime, A and I are off to Liz's house for lunch. Liz, you may remember, was my co-year 1 teacher last year and she retired at the end of the school year. I haven't seen her for a little while so am very much looking forward to a good natter and catch-up.

I've been thinking about the weekend. I must have a rest but there's so much to do. There's a dreadful mess, usually a sign that I'm feeling rather low (which I am), and that, in turn, is making me feel even lower. I must, I need to, get it sorted out, before it totally swamps me.

Also, I'd like to get just a bit more Christmas stuff prepared. The stuffing still needs to be made - I never cook the stuffing in the bird nowadays, so I can get it totally ready and into the dish it will be baked and served in. I have to make two stuffings, a meaty one and a vegetarian one. There's plenty of fresh, frozen breadcrumbs in the freezer and last weekend I bought some vacuum packed chestnuts. Also, I noticed that the fresh cranberries are now in the shops. I'm thinking of a sage, onion, breadcrumb, ham (or maybe a very good sausage meat), chestnut and cranberry mixture and almost the same for DD but without the meat. There's plenty of sage in the garden (it needs cutting right back, in fact) and the processor makes short work of all the chopping and mincing so it really shouldn't take long and the only decision will be whether I make patties, a loaf or bung it in a dish.
Decisions, decisions!

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