Friday, 12 November 2010

Friday morning

Wasn't yesterday wild and woolly? In the afternoon, we had some showers so heavy that they reduced the children to complete awe. At one point there were six or seven of them lined up along the window, looking out in stunned silence, absolutely still, just staring in wonder. I love moments like that, not because of the silence (which was very welcome, admittedly) but because they recognised something out of the ordinary and responded to it in their own way. I'd love to know what they were thinking at that moment. I fear my thoughts were much more mundane - I was just hoping they'd be able to get out for afternoon play!
I obviously have an under-developed sense of 'awe and wonder'.

Inevitably, at three o'clock it was bright and sunny and by three fifteen (home time) the clouds had gathered and it was starting to rain heavily, with a driving wind that turned umbrellas inside out and blew the little ones, shrieking in delight, across the playground ahead of their disgruntled looking adults. Great fun!!

It was a noisy day too, with certain little individuals finding it very hard to control the level of their voice! By the afternoon I'd had enough and clamped down (mean me), which made it all a bit calmer, thank goodness. I wish A. all the best with them today - it's my SEN day so, while I will be around, I won't be 'responsible'.

So, today I have a pile of paperwork to look through, even more to write and a few meetings. This week has been packed with meetings, one way or another. It will be a relief to hit the end of the day, the beginning of the weekend and a couple of days without them.

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