Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Wednesday evening

Because I was up very early, at about seven-ish this morning I drove out up the Streele Farm road and picked berries for about forty minutes. They're just about dropping off the branches now and I managed to find a great load. They're ripening so quickly now. After driving on to Tescos for a few bits and bobs, I returned at about 8:45 to find Dad up and Mum still in the bedroom, albeit getting herself together slowly. So we all breakfasted together, which was nice. However, I then started feeling very weary. Not tired exactly, just bone weary, so I stayed in while Mum and Dad went out for a stroll around before the rain started. It was nice to have some time to myself and again in the afternoon, while they drove around. I think they were hoping for some short walks but by then the rain was just too hard for comfort and they came back for a nice cuppa and a snooze.

When one lives alone, one does, I think, get used to it and to have others around more or less all the time, as I have had over the last few weeks, sharing personal space and interrupting the customary silence, can be wearing after a while. It sounds rather selfish, I know, but I have to be self reliant or life could be very difficult, and sharing decision making is something I'm not used to nowadays. I think that was all the weariness was and, having had a bit of quiet me time, I feel a lot perkier again, thank goodness. Now all we want is for the rain to stop and the weather to perk up too. At the moment it's raining steadily and solidly and looks to be lasting for some hours to come. Oh, well, look on the bright side: if it rains through tomorrow at least we will have plenty of time to gather everything together, pack and get the dairy back into some order again.

Photo: It was nice at sunrise this morning.

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