Thursday, 19 August 2010

Thursday morning

I am distraught! DG didn't like my turkey meatballs. Well, tough - I did, I thought they were very tasty as was the tomato sauce I concocted to go with them. I'm very pleased there were enough left over to freeze for the weekend too. A £2.00 tray of turkey mince went a very long way when mixed with finely chopped onion, breadcrumbs, garlic, lemon juice and chilli (the very lazy kind) with a little salt and pepper. I forgot to add herbs so I added them to the sauce. I formed them into balls, dusted them over with plain flour and then baked them in the oven.

When the sauce was assembled I added a quantity of the meatballs and then simmered them for about half an hour.

The sauce was finely chopped onion, celery and carrot, softened in butter. I turned the heat up, poured in and boiled away a glass of white wine and then added a can of chopped tomatoes, some water and some Marigold. That all got zizzed into a thick, textured sauce. Seasonings and herbs were next, followed by what was left from DDs meal yesterday - puy lentils, peppers, mashed sweet potato - and that all simmered away too. After that I removed DDs potion to another pot and added her veggie sausages to that, added some of the turkey meatballs to mine and DG's and let the whole lot simmer away slowly. I served it with spaghetti and grated cheddar and it was yum (I thought).

D has just wandered in and asked me if he can have his first croissant of the morning. We have some to use up and decided to have them for breakfast but I had forgotten until he asked. So it's in the oven thawing, and 'I can wait' said he, nobly!

The sun is doing his best to shine through some high cloud after a very misty, mysterious early morning. It would be wonderful if he succeeded because we have some great good weather plans today - swimming followed by a picnic in the wood at the bottom of Blackberry Lane and berry picking on the way back. Then, sadly, DD and DG will have to do some packing and sorting out before DG cooks dinner for us.

DG is now munching his way through his first croissant, applying home made marmalade with great relish, bless him! I have to remind myself that this is the lad who, in past years, wouldn't touch any mixed up, messed up food and everything had to be in separate piles on his place, not touching. He's certainly come a long way since then but maybe meatballs in sauce were just a step too far .

The photos are of the misty start to the day. I'm glad I caught it: it was beautiful but the mist has all disappeared now.

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