Sunday, 29 August 2010

Sunday morning

I was well pleased yesterday. After planning my menu for this coming week, I popped into Morrisons again to get what I needed. By the fish counter there were packs of whole sides of salmon, very, very reasonably priced. I got a side that cost just over £8.00 which, when I cut it into steaks, yielded eleven portions (OK, nine and two smaller ones, more lunch than dinner sized). They are now individually wrapped and sleeping sweetly in the freezer. I thought that was good value - you'd be hard pushed to get a salmon steak for under a pound any other way! They also had some packs of cut parsley reduced; I picked off the leaves and they are also frozen in a pot now, from which I can lift what I need, when I need it.
Apart from the jam, I think the other thing I am going to make today is a pot of stewed apple and blackberry which I will freeze in single portions. It's so delicious and it will be good to have it to hand for desserts and treats.
I've decided that I will pop into Lakeland today. It's always a delight to look round in there, I need some more silicon wrap (or whatever it's called) and some small jam jars and lids too. As an added bonus, it opens at ten whereas most of the other shops stay closed until ten thirty!
I pondered on the yogurt maker a while ago - basically, all it does is keep the mixture at the right temperature to create natural yogurt, it's nothing fancy. I'd decided not to get it but to use the flask, but now that the flask seems to be dead, I think I will get it. I poured boiling water into the flask and within a short time the outside was hot: that shouldn't happen, there's obviously some serious heat loss somewhere, somehow!
I will look upon it as a sort of positive reward for not gaining too much weight on holiday!
So: wash hair, go into town, get stuff, come home, make jam, make stewed apple and blackberry, have lunch, tidy kitchen, do ironing, then DD and DG are round for tea. I might make some iced buns - I haven't done that for ages and DG can take the remainder home with him for treats.
That seems to take care of today quite nicely. Have a good one!

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