Sunday, 29 August 2010

Sunday evening

Another very productive day.

Seventeen little pots of jam, for starters, looking warmly delicious in the tray where they're cooling down. On a chilly day like today they warm me up with hints of hot buttered toast, apple and blackberry pie or jam tart.

Eleven containers, each holding one portion of stewed blackberry and apple. When I come in from school, cold and tired, a hot, sweet, comforting snack is only a microwave away.
Seven tiny pots of meat paste, made with offcuts of cold cooked meat from Morrisons, zizzed with softened butter, pepper, lemon juice and Dijon mustard. Perfect for school lunches.
Ten delicious looking cupcakes, destined not to be eaten today, sadly. DD is not well so they haven't come over for tea. I have exerted incredible self controlled and consigned every single one to the freezer.
I got the yogurt maker and several other things I hadn't actually planned to get, but there you go, it is the end of the holiday, isn't it? I will try it out overnight. The instructions say it takes eight hours to make a litre so if I start it off when I go to bed, it should be ready in the morning. We will see . . .

I had a most infuriating hour or so this afternoon. I needed labels for the jam and thought it would be rather nice if I used views of Streele Farm with wording over it in any colour that showed up well (it turned out to be white). Not being any kind of expert, I did the following: opened the photos I wanted to use and created an oval layer for each one, which I saved as a jpeg. I opened Word and got the labels template, put the pictures one at a time into a label, used word art to create the wording, put one over the other and grouped each picture and word art together. Sounds straightforward enough but those pictures would keep jumping all over the place. No sooner had I got one positioned than it took a great jump up and out of the cell again. So infuriating. Eventually it was all ready so I printed a sheet of labels. Oh, dear - problem - the pictures weren't within the boundary of each label. Funny, I thought, it looked OK on screen. I checked the margins and decided that perhaps the sheet didn't feed through properly. Tried again - same result. I was getting quite cross by now as I couldn't see where the problem lay. I changed the size of the pictures, I changed the top margin to try to get it to match, all to no avail. I was on the verge of giving up when light dawned and didn't I feel an idiot. I was only using the 6 x 3 template and 7 x 3 labels! What a prize idiot!!! No wonder they wouldn't print properly!

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day! Warmer too.

Photo: one of those bloomin' labels without the wording

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