Saturday, 28 August 2010

Seven good things about being at home again

1. I know where everything is in the kitchen. Yes, I do! It may not be the most methodical kitchen in the world but I know!

2. The oven behaves itself. It is neither too hot nor too cold. It's just right. The gingernuts have just cooked perfectly! So have the accidental oatcakes.

3. There's room to spread. I thought I was more than a little crazy to get a double range with just family Christmases in mind, but cooking for three on a normal sized cooker has made me realise what a blessing the extra space is. And the very large pot of blackberries simmering slowly on the largest ring would be an impossibility on the cottage hob - the base would be too big to sit centrally on a too small ring.

4. There's room in the bath. For we ladies of - er - generous proportions can suffer sadly in a normal sized bath. Getting in is OK, providing the water is deep enough that as one's sides touch the side of the bath, it has warmed them up (the sides of the bath, I mean), but getting out can be a serious challenge. Use the shower, do I hear you say? But I like my baths. Hot, wallowy baths. With bubbles! My corner bath takes up room in an already small bathroom, but I wouldn't be without it!

5. There's room in the dishwasher. No, I don't have my baths in the dishwasher, but the pots and pans do and it's jolly nice that all the stuff used to make the aforementioned biscuits all fits in with room to spare instead of having to be washed by hand because the breakfast things (or whatever) don't allow enough room for much else. It's lovely that a holiday cottage has a dishwasher, but a half sized one has its limitations.

6 It's quiet and calm and peaceful. I'm not saying any of my guests were anything but (apart from DG) but it's different when you're on your own.

7. I know we're going back to Streele Farm next year! Yes, we are, I've just booked!

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