Saturday, 28 August 2010

Saturday morning

Rain battered lily.

Gift from Jackie

Salad leaves, carrots and mint - yum.

And the sun is shining, the sky is blue with cotton wool clouds and it's not too warm, not too cold. Why, oh why, couldn't it have been like this last Saturday? Never mind, I intend to enjoy it while it lasts and might find the time to sit out with a good book at some point this afternoon.

I made a version of the Cullen skink yesterday and it was very acceptable indeed. Diane, however, on her blog, has given more advice, which I like. She said she sometimes uses leeks and she sweats the vegetables in butter rather than adding it at the end. She uses diced potato which, I presume, cooks in the mixture rather than cooked mashed potato and, if she has some, adds a bit of cream, although it's not essential.
Although last night I used up left over fish from holiday, I won't use 'ordinary' fish in the future as that wonderful smoky flavour was a bit subdued. Smoked haddock or smoked cod would work or, if one can get hold of it (and afford it), a fillet of smoked salmon (rather than the sliced form) would be very tasty.
All in all, though, definitely one I will do again, with variations.

The garden's looking nice - and so it should after all that rain! There are weeds, of course. It's amazing how fast they grow when you're not watching them! I think (hope) George is coming this morning and he will certainly earn his money today!
The lily that was in tight bud two weeks ago is now fully out, although showing a lot of rain damage, sadly. The plant Jackie gave me is a picture now with promise of more to come: it's a shame it is 'only' an annual. The small pots of carrots and salad leaves look ready to start eating and I have planned salad leaves into my eating plans this week.

Today will be busy. I need to make some more yogurt, some ginger nuts, start the apple and seedless blackberry jam and make some oatcakes. That's apart from the holiday washing and ironing and the usual chores. It's nice to get back into routine again!

Better get going!

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