Saturday, 28 August 2010

Saturday evening

. . . and it's been a productive day.

Apart from the gingernuts and oat thins mentioned earlier, I've got going with the blackberry and apple jam and now have a huge pot of stewed and sieved blackberries and apples, mixed with the appropriate amount of sugar, waiting for the next stage which will have to be tomorrow now. I will have to do it in two batches, there's far too much in the pot to do it in one lot.

The yogurt wasn't such a success as it usually is. I think the flask has sprung a thermal leak. When I poured out the yogurt, it was nearly cold, and it should have still been warm and it was very thin in texture too. Maybe I will get the yogurt maker from Lakeland after all - I've got used to having a pot of delicious natural yogurt in the fridge all the time and I would miss it..

Good news - Peeves the Wii balance board tells me that I have gained two pounds. Normally that would NOT be good news, but seeing as I'm just back from holiday it's excellent news and I sincerely hope tomorrow won't show a delayed reaction to all the nibbles and drinks!

Photos: Blackberries simmering and the jam mixture ready for cooking tomorrow. Lovely colour!

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