Monday, 30 August 2010

Monday morning

Well, the yogurt maker did the job OK. Lots of delicious natural yogurt for the week to come. I think it's going to earn its shelf space which is something you can never be sure of at first.
I was looking at the vast array of 'stuff' that I keep out in the kitchen and wondering; it all looks so cluttered and really it ought not to. It's a big enough kitchen after all. Do I really need everything I keep out on such a regular basis? Maybe not. Definitely not, in fact.
The kettle - a necessity, not negotiable. The coffee maker and toaster - well, I hardly use either at the moment although I do when people come a-visiting. Maybe, if I can find space somewhere, they can go away. The ice cream maker - yes, I use that, and anyway it's too flippin' heavy to move too much. Microwave - I need that, definitely. The same goes for the breadmaker. And then there's the large basket of cookery books - a lot of them could go back upstairs now as I hardly ever use them: they were brought down for a specific purpose and didn't get taken back up again. Then there would be space to keep my recipe file in it. The scales - no, they would easily fit in the cupboard underneath. The same goes for things like washing and dishwasher capsules, conditioner, etc. It's just laziness really, keeping them on the working surface. It would all look a lot better with just a little thought and more common sense.

I saw on the adverts yesterday that Sainsbury has 25% (or was it 20%, I can't remember - anyway, a significant %) off all its 'TU' range so I thought I might trundle down there to take a look. It's getting almost embarrassing with some of my skirts, which are almost falling down now. I have to stock up on a few basic skirts and tops for school and maybe I can get something there - and it would be nice to get away from so much black, if I can find the right stuff.

It looks like the day is planning itself out quite nicely. I haven't looked out yet, but I do hope the weather is fine for all those going out or away for the bank holiday.

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