Monday, 23 August 2010

Monday morning

. . . and I wish I could take wizarding world photos to show you how the trees and bushes are twisting and turning wildly in every direction in the very strong wind. It was very dramatic an hour or so ago but is now calming down somewhat and there doesn't seem to have been any damage done within sight. I have no idea what it was like overnight - once the hearing aids are out, a bomb could drop nearby and I'd likely not notice it, so a mere howling wind in the trees doesn't stand a chance!

Changeover day today - J leaves and Mum and Dad arrive. For me it will be a day at home, a most welcome chance to potter and rest. I will need to do just a little bit of clearing up, some ironing, boil up the remains of the chicken and make the component parts for the chicken pie this evening and maybe brave the wind and rain to pick some blackberries! Nice, gentle, friendly, familiar stuff.

Talking of chicken - that scratch stuffing was really quite nice and I'm glad I recorded it here. When I get home I will have another go at it and do a bit more formal measuring of amounts before recording it in the appropriate recipe folder. I have quite a large collection of recipes now, gathered from all over the place, although I guess that at some point I need to go through them and delete the ones I'm never going to want to use.

It looks as if that strange fruit on one of yesterday's photos is a medlar. It's not something I've ever seen before - thank you very much to Rachel for identifying it. And thank you to Diane for the info about how to find all the different backgrounds and so on. I'm having fun with them!

Photo: A Photoshopped view of Scotney castle

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