Monday, 23 August 2010

Monday evening

J left this morning and got home safely. It really was very nice indeed to see her again and I hope she feels she's had a rest and time out for a few days. Mum and Dad arrived here mid afternoon, the weather cheered up remarkably through the day and the sky is now clear and was beautifully blue half an hour ago. Twilight beckons now so the blueness has gone, but it's lovely and calm; there's hardly a breath of wind.

Mum and I went on an amble around some of the fields, watching out for country pancakes and picking a bagful of blackberries and sloes as we wandered. They're now in the freezer. I've decided that I may as well try my luck with the sloes, as they just fall from the hedges otherwise and there's loads for the wildlife to share with me. I have recipes for sloe gin and sloe jelly and I reckon they're well worth a try.

The weather forecast is good for tomorrow so I'm very much hoping we can go to Sissinghurst, if Mum and Dad would like to as well. If not, I'm sure we'll be off somewhere really nice anyway so we can't lose.

Mum and Dad turned up with enough vegetables and fruit to feed the whole of Rotherfield. From the garden they picked and brought six large corn cobs (delicious), enough runner beans for two meals, three yellow courgettes, a good sized bunch of carrots, some tomatoes and some windfall cooking apples. They also brough a large melon that is slow to ripen, loads of potatoes, five lemons and two bags of clementines. So this evening we feasted on corn on the cob for starters, followed by the chicken pie, roast potatoes and runner beans, and it was all absolutely delicious. This is the way to live!
Photos: Ivy around the cottages

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