Friday, 27 August 2010

Just one of those days

I knew it was too good to be true. The queues for the tunnel only started half a mile from the crossing. Good. Even then, traffic was mostly moving. Good. When it did slow down, I was in the outer lane which then branched off into a separate lane from the inner two (because of motorway maintenance stuff) and which was moving at the speed limit of 50 mph. Good! Great, in fact.

So when I found I had to go sailing past the exit for the A12 (because I was in a separate outer lane and couldn't get across to it), you can imagine the most unprofessional utterance I spoke as I realised - it wasn't something I'd want the children in my class to hear, that's for sure! However, no real problem, I just joined the M11 and went that way. Longer but I did know the route.

When I got home I unpacked my stuff and then popped to Morrisons for a few necessities. And couldn't find my debit card to pay for them . . . Now, as Morrisons is just over the road from school and anyway it wasn't the assistant's fault, I refrained from making any strong comments and just thanked my lucky stars I had a credit card with me and could remember the PIN.

Back home, checked all my stuff and no card, so I phoned the bank and got a delightful, polite, quietly spoken gentleman with a strong Asian accent. Could I hear him? No! Could I understand him? Not terribly well. I don't know who apologised more, him or me, but we did get there eventually. Card cancelled, new card to be sent, five working days, blah, blah, blah!

I hope the rest of the day goes better! I hope yours was better too.

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