Thursday, 26 August 2010

It had to happen!

When I was a youngster, I was piggybacking my younger brother back from the tomato nursery one evening where mum had sent us to buy some tomatoes for a packed meal the next day. I stepped on an uneven bit of pavement and over went my ankle. Ouch - very ouch in fact. It swelled up and was pretty sore. Now, normally I'd have been taken somewhere to have it looked at, etc, but that particular evening we were packing to go away on holiday the next morning, early, plus other complicating factors and there was simply no time for any medical stuff. This was something that Mum regretted later, because it left me with a weak ankle that regularly turned. As a result, the other ankle also became weaker over the years and, one way and another, it's been a right pain!

I've been very careful this holiday. I've stepped out carefully on surfaces that are less than even and have avoided any ankle problems - until today. Walking towards a hopeful looking bramble patch I stepped on a stone and over it went - my ankle, not the stone. Ouch - very ouch, as it always is. Because it hasn't happened for a while (losing some weight has definitely helped) it was worse than usual and now it's all stiff and aching - just in time for the drive home. Marvelous!!!

But the sun did shine this afternoon for a short while and we haven't had any rain since lunch time. And I have loads of blackberries and some sloes to compensate for a stiff ankle. With any luck it will settle overnight and be OK tomorrow - fingers crossed.

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