Sunday, 22 August 2010

Holiday roast chicken

I'm old fashioned enough to feel that roast chicken needs stuffing - not cooked inside the bird nowadays, but to go with the meat.

Being on holiday, I am missing my herbs and other seasonings - normally I would create a concoction using some sage from one of my bushes for the main flavour. However, I couldn't, so I did this and it seems quite nice.
I put half an onion, some green leek leaves and a bit of carrot, all chopped small-ish, into my mini-chopper and zizzed to a mush. I then gently fried it in a little butter for a short time.
I made breadcrumbs in the same way, adding some lemon zest, then chopped up some spam too. It all went in a bowl to be mixed up together. I also added lemon juice, olive oil, mixed herbs, salt, pepper and some plain flour, cooked a bit to taste, then formed the resulting mush into four stuffing 'patties' which are now chilling in the fridge, ready for gentle frying this evening.

For the chicken, I made some lemon parsley butter which I pushed under the skin of the chicken breast (I always do that now and it does make a difference to the flavour), I put the other half of the onion and what remained of the lemon into the cavity and then covered the chicken with streaky bacon. It's now also resting in the fridge, absolutely ready for popping in the oven at a appropriate time (although I'd like to have time to bring it up to room temperature first). It looks good: I hope it will smell and taste good too.

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