Friday, 27 August 2010

Friday morning

Goodbye, Streele Farm.
Hello again, Chelmsford.

Strange mixed feelings about this. Streele Farm Dairy is very much a home from home. It's warm, welcoming, very well appointed and, of course, set in beautiful surroundings. I am going to miss it at home. I would never choose a home with thatch because of the expense in maintaining it, but it's fantastic to be able to stay in a thatched cottage. It's fun to watch the rain dripping off the thatch in great sploshes as you gaze out of the window.

It's wonderful to know that this little group of homes is not surrounded by hundreds of other homes. My friend, J, and I argued about whether it was really 'country'. She reckoned it wasn't, because it wasn't isolated enough. I reckon it's just about right to me. On its own but with others within a short driving distance. I could stay here quite happily were it not for the cost and the need to commute to Chelmsford every day. :0)))

Cullen skink. Now there's an interesting name. To me it smacks of ferret and spinach with a touch of smoked haddock. Goodness knows why - it's just the way the words sound! I looked up the recipe this morning and discovered that it's really a fish soup (and I was right about the smoked haddock) so, as I have a bit of smoked haddock left over in the freezer here, I am going to have a go at making it this evening. Hopefully it will be as nice as the recipe sounds.

I shall be shutting down soon, packing up the laptop and taking it to the car. See you all again in Chelmsford!!

Photo: I think I've already posted this but I'm posting it again. Streele Farm Dairy - great holiday home!

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