Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Two more days to go.

Last night was very pleasant. We had a farewell party for Petrina, who has been a TA at school for a couple of decades and who is now retiring. She's my TA at the moment and I won't half miss her. We'd all given Tina a bit of money and she provided the food, soft drinks and decorations out of that. Another TA had made a lovely cake, my children had made butterflies to decorate the room (Petrina loves butterflies) and a good time was had by all. I did my little talky bit at the right time, this time. One of the few disadvantages of being KS1 coordinator is that now and again one has to do stuff like that!!

I was pretty pleased with the food control bit too. There were a lot of goodies - quiche, pizza, garlic bread, crisps, peanuts . . . but I generally stuck with the salad, crudites, etc. OK, a few crisps and nuts jumped onto my plate, but nothing terrible and I passed on dessert. I didn't really want any - well, in one way I did, but only because it all looked sweet and sticky and gooey. I don't feel deprived for not having any! And I was rewarded today with another pound off, according to Peeves (the Wii balance board), which I needed after plateauing for quite a time.
Today is going to be a funny old day. First thing the juniors are performing a cut down version of 'The Button Box' to KS1/FS before play. After play it's my coordinator's time and Faith will be supervising them watching the rest of Shrek 3. In the afternoon they will be using the butterflies they made yesterday and which decorated Tina's walls last night, and turning them into little cards for Petrina.

And the parents have asked if I will be with my class last thing this afternoon. I know what that means! And I bet the tears come.

I've got my pressies wrapped and ready now. As always, I am a few short and need to make an emergency trip to Morrison's, but that's not a huge problem to anyone but the bank manager! Like everyone else, I'm beginning to feel lethargic and floppy as the momentum grinds to a halt at school. I hope the children are OK - they are so terribly tired and are getting grizzly, whingy and short tempered - a bit like the teachers, in fact!
Photo: The agapanthus is looking very promising at the moment. Give it a few more days and it should be superb!

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