Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Wednesday later on in the morning.

I ought to be doing house work so what am I doing? Experimenting with a recipe, that's what. Well, it is holiday.

I wanted to make oatcakes. I love them but they are quite expensive and they're really just plain biscuits. I found a likely looking recipe (not too much fat) and hoped that oat bran would work the same as oatmeal - which it didn't. It refused to make a dough. So I added some wholewheat flour, strong flour as that's what came to hand. It made the dough, it rolled out, it baked. Fingers crossed. Lunchtime will be the test.

Now I'm off to the incomparable Weight Loss Resources site to work out the calories.

And I suppose that at some point I need to go into town to Holland and Barratt or the nice nut and seed shop near the market to find out what oatmeal is and get some. Or could I zizz some porridge oats down to a fine consistency, I wonder? Might try that next time.
Edited to add that, assuming 22 biscuits from the mixture, they are about 27 calories each which is pretty good. They taste OK too (I couldn't wait until lunchtime!)

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