Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Three more days to go . . .

The house smells wonderful right now. I had a brainwave yesterday; they don't happen very often so when they do I like to exploit them.

You see, every term I have a small army of very willing parental (and other) helpers, who come in weekly, reliably, do whatever (often sharing books with the children) and to whom I do like to say 'thank you' with a little gift at the end of each term. At Easter, it's always a creme egg, for example!

Anyway, I was umming and ahing about what I could get, given fairly limited resources, and I saw that in Morrisons you can buy four little bottles of wine for a fiver - £1.25 each. And I thought maybe one of those, with some home made choc cookies, all prettily wrapped, would make a really acceptable little gift for my wonderful helpers.

The cookies are of the kind where the dough needs rolling and then chilling, so I made the dough last night, did one batch of nine, to test, you understand, and am doing the rest this morning with a view to handing out the thank yous tomorrow.

Mind you, the recipe obviously comes from the Ready, Steady, Cook stable. You know, the ones who say 'And just a small splash of olive oil' and then proceed to dollop at least half the bottle over the food or in the pan. This recipe is going to make thousands of cookies (this is only a slight exaggeration, believe me). I will make it again, they are delicious, but next time I will make half quantities (or less) and I will try dolloping spoonfuls onto the baking sheet rather than rolling such a soft dough into a sausage (a very messy process) and chilling.

Apart from this, today I am sort of out of class, doing my SEN work (what work, so late in the year?). My dears will be making layered butterflies, having relay races in the hall, watching Shrek 3 and watching a music concert in the hall in the afternoon. Between times they will be choos . . . er, I mean taking part in structured practical activities.

And then, after school, I will bag and wrap the wine and the cookies ready for tomorrow. Hopefully, the left over cookies will freeze - they'd better!! They're way too dangerous to be left lying around.

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